Stone therapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Stones have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Alternating hot and cold bathing in saunas, steam rooms and cold plunge pools were practiced by the ancient Greeks and used today in spas for the same reason, to heal and improve health and wellbeing.

Stone therapy incorporates massage, thermotherapy (alternating temperatures using hot and cold stones) and energy work (the stones’ energy is from the earth).  Using this combination can help to initiate a healing response in the body, both physiological and psychological helping to restore a natural state of wellbeing.

In stone therapy massage we use smooth basalt lava stones and marble stones, both have healing properties. Oil is applied to the body using gentle massage strokes before applying the stones.  Stones are also placed on and around the body and sometimes between the toes.

Working with stones allows the therapist to massage deeper into the tissues and helping to loosen overworked muscles.


Stone massage can:

• Boost circulation
• Boost and detoxify the Lymphatic System
• Release stored tension
• Balance the energy system, improving the flow around the body
• Relax you and release those endorphins!

Benefits may include:

• Reduction in muscular aches and pains and tension, including Fibromyalgia
• Reduces back pain
• Reduces Inflammatory Joint Disease and pain – arthritis, rheumatism
• Relieves sprains and strains
• Increases circulation
• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
• Improves sleep
• Calms inflammation
• De-congests sinuses
• Relieves muscular spasms
• Reduces puffiness around eyes
• Calms menopausal hot flushes
• Helps with recovery rate after exercise


• 1½ hours


• 1 hour


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